Guess what? CELLULITE does NOT exist! Whaaattt?! I know, mind blown, right? So, you may have seen by now that we use the FasciaBlaster at our studio in The Fan. I’ve personally been using the FasciaBlaster on myself since April 2016. I actually “accidentally” stumbled upon this weapon like tool while looking online for a new foam roller for my ever so tight quads and IT bands. My first reaction was “What in the world is this crazy weapon like device??” After weeks of research and finding a group of AMAZING women on Facebook that use the FasciaBlaster, I was hooked! Especially when I found out it will help with my CELLULITE too!!  After my FIRST time using it (which hurt like crap, by the way), I felt a MAJOR improvement in my tight quads and IT bands. I’m pretty sure they’ve never felt so loose before. I’ve always been a pretty slim person, but just like anyone else, I have my “trouble” areas where fat just seems to never budge – no matter what I do! Mine in particular is on my outer thighs (saddlebag area) and my lower belly (pouch) after having 2 kiddos. Depending on your condition of your fascia, you may or may not have some “very normal” bruising afterwards. Some women have several fascial adhesions which usually means they’ll experience more bruising. I just happen to be one that doesn’t bruise using this tool. If I get any it’s just tiny little spots. Sounds funny, but it’s kind of disappointing actually. Once you see photos of most of these women using this tool, you’ll... read more

We’re Moving!!

Hello RVA! Please take note! As of April 1st, 2015, our massage suite will be moving to 3412 Cutshaw Ave. Richmond, VA 23230. Parking is in back lot and entrance is located around to the front on the corner of Cutshaw and... read more

Need a Massage?

Our goal is to have our athletes and athletes alike be able to have adequate recovery needed in between strenuous workouts and competitions. This doesn’t exclude clients that need massage work done to relieve stress and/or needing deep work done to relieve tightness and knots (trigger points). With that in mind, our massage price structure will be changing as of Monday, 3/16/15. We will announce the new price structure once all the “kinks” have been worked out. For those who already have appointments scheduled, your service price will be the same until your next appointment is scheduled. Get excited! This will be good!... read more

Pickle For A Nickel

Did you drink your pickle juice today?  No, seriously. Did you? … I came across this interesting article this morning on good ol’ Facebook about drinking pickle juice. Dill pickle juice that is. Apparently, it’s super good for you, in small quantities of course. We’re talking 2-3 oz per day max. When I was a kid, I always heard it wasn’t good for you. Wrong’o AND it’s Dr. Oz approved. 😉 Here’s a list of some benefits from drinking this wonderful yucky juice with some of my thoughts attached… Enjoy! 🙂 Post-Workout Drink: “Athletes swear by pickle juice’s scientifically proven benefits to exercise recovery. In one 2010 study, pickle juice halted post-workout muscle cramps in 85 seconds. That, plus its electrolyte-restoring powers has even yielded Pickle Juice Sport – a dill-flavored sports drink.” I bet that tastes wonderful. *blag* But, whatever works man and gets me back in the gym the next day. 😉 PMS Remedy: “For those same reasons, pickle juice is widely used as a cure for menstrual cramps.” I WISH I knew this about 20 years ago, hello! (yes, I’m getting old, don’t try to figure it out) Potato Pick-Me-Up: “Add a heavy splash of pickle juice to a pot of simple boiled potatoes for a fantastic side dish. The flavors absorb so perfectly you won’t want to add salt, butter, sour cream, or anything to these taters once you’re done. Making potato salad? Skip the mayo, and toss with veggies and pickle juice for a much healthier (and more flavorful) version.” Okay, I HAVE to throw this in there… Please for the love of god,... read more

Cherry Green Recovery Blend

I’m so excited that I FINALLY created a juice blend to improve my recovery and work out performance!! I no longer feel like I’ve been hit by a bus after completing a CrossFit WOD. Tart Cherry blended with other essential fruits, veggies, amino acids, vitamin C and celtic sea salt. Fabulous!!!      ... read more